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From enhanced zoo map navigation to immersive mobile storytelling, from interactive exhibits to educational outreach, WilderLinkSM Experiences engage guests to enrich their overall zoo experience.

We seek to draw people out of the everyday world and into the world of the Zoo’s vision: to celebrate and save wildlife for current and future generations of people and animals.

Each WilderLinkSM Experience is accessible on most devices with no app required.
Zoos strive to provide a broad audience with outstanding and unique educational opportunities, leading to the stewardship of nature.

Mobile Digital Engagement can support this mission, enhancing the positive impact the Zoo has on its guests, the community, and wildlife programs.

WilderLinkSM Experiences empower zoos to enhance and expand their guest experience with dynamic features, and a more unified model of Mobile Digital Engagement.
WilderLinkSM Experiences combine the latest IT technologies with the creative ideas of zoo teams.

CueContext is creating a broad, flexible framework designed specifically for zoos to deliver immediate value to guests, while reducing one-off solutions and complicated IT project cycles.

With a 360º view of the zoo guest’s journey and a web-first / mobile-first model, we are streamlining IT vendor services and support both for zoos and for our technology partners.
It is difficult to protect something that is not universally valued.

To save wildlife from extinction and raise awareness of the importance of animal welfare, Mobile Digital Engagement will play an ever-increasing role in conservation and animal welfare awareness.

Genuinely interactive education campaigns can help each zoo connect with the thousands of people it communicates with, together reaching millions in the U.S. alone.

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Designing the Experience

The Smarter ZooSM mobile platform is outcome-driven and highly flexible to allow zoos to continuously adapt and innovate their digital guest experiences according to primary and department-led goals. CueContext will work closely with zoo staff to ensure that objectives and priorities are encapsulated in the platform, app, and service design.

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Physical / Mobile Guest Journeys
  • Proximity and Context Strategy
  • Mobile Engagement Strategy
  • Interactive Education Strategy
  • Thematic Guest Experience Strategy
  • Retail & Concession Service Strategy
Managing the Platform

The platform is delivered as Experience as a Service (XaaS) and is designed to empower zoo staff and minimize resource impact.  It employs rule automation and context-sensing technology to deliver context-adapted mobile experiences to guests. CueContext provides a range of administration services to ensure that optimum digital guest experience outcomes are achieved.

  • Content, Engagement, and Data Management
  • Guest Services and Communications
  • Campaigns and Promotions
  • Content Marketing and Sponsor Experiences
  • Attraction and Ride Experiences
  • Special Event Experiences
  • Parking and Transportation Experiences
  • m-Commerce Experiences
Measuring Outcomes

As the platform is used, new types of data become available that provide valuable insight into the zoo’s digital operational performance, educational impact, and guests behavior.  CueContext provides real-time, pre-packaged, and custom reporting services, and will collaborate with zoo staff on the data analyses and services that meet the zoo's operating objectives.

  • App Adoption and Experience Popularity
  • Visitor Behavior Patterns
  • Visitor Surveys and Feedback
  • mCommerce Results
  • Marketing and Sponsor Campaign Results
  • Social Media Sharing and Reach
  • Event Experience Results
  • Data and Trend Analyses

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