New animals and exhibits can create attendance bumps, but to consistently increase attendance, broaden demographic appeal, and optimize visiting patterns, zoos need tools that help them communicate the right value propositions to the right audiences in the right contexts.

Zoos also need tools that help provide cost-effective ways to offer new types of experiences without expensive exhibit changes. The Smarter ZooSM mobile platform creates a new guest communication channel that does both. It can:

The mobile channel that zoos can build with the Smarter ZooSM platform can become a valuable communications tool. Zoos can put fun and useful information at the fingertips of guests, and make visiting more convenient and efficient.

CueContext’s Experience as a Service solution can allow zoos to make presumptions about digital engagement to offer along predictable visiting routes and motivational patterns, and can deliver that engagement based on contextual rules or ad hoc campaigns.

The usage and popularity of these experiences can be measured by time, location, and audience to gauge the impact. This insight will allow zoos to think proactively and creatively about how their digital guest experience can compliment their physical guest experience, and will enable a higher valued guest experience to be provided. For example, zoos can:

The Smarter ZooSM mobile platform can help zoos engage diverse audiences in new ways, and provide opportunities for guests to become more invested in their zoo experience.

By making the mobile guest experiences that guest discover highly shareable in social media, a zoo’s own guests becomes a powerful extension of its marketing department for both marquee and non-marquee moments – with valuable, personalized guest references.

Any exhibit can have a digital-immersion experience. Existing immersion exhibits can be enhanced. Exhibit narratives can reach out to guests before they arrive. When animals are not active, or if exhibits become unexpectedly closed, mobile engagement can be adjusted.

Zoos can alert guests or refresh their mobile content based on their proximity to “hard-to-plan” moments, including:

The impact of the solution for attendance can be measured by: