Zoos are one of the few locations where entire regional communities come together physically on a regular basis. However, the concept of community for a zoo extends far beyond its boundaries. Zoos are engaged in both local and world-wide wildlife research and conservation efforts, and serve as an important bridge between local visitors and these global initiatives.

When guests arrive at zoos today, smartphones in hand, they have the power to magnify the impact of their visit far beyond their individual experience, reaching out to the world across social media. A zoo’s content, activities, wildlife programs are all a finger-swipe away from massively-interconnected global audiences. It’s hard to fathom, but the impact of one single influential visitor to the zoo, with a large social media network, can start a wave of global awareness that could save a species.

The Smarter ZooSM mobile platform can promote an environment of learning and innovation, and an environment of community, social sharing, and connectedness, with multi-disciplinary impact across a zoo’s community-building efforts in:

The Smarter ZooSM mobile platform can allow guests to connect with their zoo experiences in a more real-time and visceral way, and share those experiences with vast social media audiences. The potential audience-building power of a zoo, combined with the highly attractive demographic that it serves, makes the digital zoo landscape an important frontier for zoos to explore.

CueContext can help zoos attract and build new types of partnerships with local and global organizations, including:

Community impact can be measured in a variety of ways: