Not every zoo guest will get up close to a polar bear every time they visit, but that doesn’t mean a zoo’s polar bear experience must be hit-or-miss. Now, the guest experience for any exhibit can be a reliable and much more calculated hit.

With the Smarter ZooSM mobile platform, digital guest experiences can start anywhere, anytime according to different guest journeys, and can be configured for single or multi-location storylines. Guests can be guided to what matters most to them in ways that increase exposure to educational programming, with interactive discoveries and rewards along the way.

Mobile narratives and media discoveries can help transport guests closer to the animals, and they can reduce disappointing turns.

By revealing engaging content and surprising details at relevant moments of a guest’s visit, zoos can delight guests with interpretive guidance and entertainment, and give guests content they can explore and share beyond their visit.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) has reported that visitor segmentation based on identity-related motivation categories is an important lens for understanding and measuring visitor behavior, learning, and satisfaction – more so than than traditional factors like age, social group, ethnicity, level of education and visit frequency. However, this kind of information is difficult to capture and act upon. These motivation categories include:

With the Smarter ZooSM mobile platform, guests can have individualized mobile experiences that unfold as they explore the zoo and the mobile app. Zoos can offer digital guest experiences designed for both traditional and motivational visitor demographics. During a visit, as guests interact with digital content, real-time insights can be learned about which content is most popular in given areas of the zoo to gain insights about the motivational demographics of guests along different routes throughout the zoo.

Equipped with these actionable insights, zoos can innovate their digital guest experience to continuously improve performance in customer service, educational interpretation, entertainment, marketing, evaluation and even fund-raising.

The impact of the solution for education can be measured by: