Presenting interpretative guidance to diverse audiences in the casual, free-learning environment of a zoo can be challenging.  

CueContext’s Smarter ZooSM mobile platform is offered as an Experience as a Service solution, creating new opportunities for zoos to transform exhibits and facilities into digitally-interactive spaces with dynamic, immersive, and personalized mobile experiences that unfold as guests explore.

The platform is highly adaptable, and can incorporate time-sensitive and frequently-changing content. It is also extensible, and can integrate with enterprise systems, remote sensors, and edge devices to create new value propositions as technologies and experience objectives evolve.

New features can be offered that leverage consumer technology trends or gaming fads, or that enhance a temporary exhibit or a special event. Zoos can also leverage the communication channel they build with their guests to explore new engagement models with audiences outside the zoo.

The platform’s capability to harness location context and guest proximity can be leveraged for a variety of business and mission objectives, most notably in the areas of customer service, education, recreation, and marketing. The process for this is as follows:

CueContext’s Experience as a Service solution can help zoos integrate otherwise isolated and stand-alone technologies and techniques into a more complete, coordinated, and easy-to-access digital guest experience. For example:

The value of the solution in support of its ability to add new feature extensions can be measured by:

The collective impact of the platform’s ability to add new features can also help promote staff innovation and participation in the guest experience.