Monitoring guest satisfaction levels and collecting guest feedback is a vital zoo activity, but not easy to accomplish. Zoos often know a fair amount about guest satisfaction in relation to parking, concessions, restrooms, and social activities, but gauging educational impact exhibit-to-exhibit is a more challenging task.

The Smarter ZooSM mobile platform’s insight-generating capabilities can show the popularity of mobile content experiences in specific exhibit areas and during specific zoo events and contexts. This can allow broader-based, finer-grained, and more real-time analyses of visitor behavior, educational impact, service efficiency, and guest satisfaction.

Zoos can design mobile content experiences that promote awareness of, and participation with, an exhibit’s features, and can measure guest content interactions and “likes” in relation to an exhibit’s goals (e.g. education, recreation, or conservation). For example:

  • Exhibit features and habitat map
  • Animal fun-facts and threat status
  • Habitat information
  • Animal themes and stories
  • Multimedia highlights
  • Quizzes, surveys, trivia, challenges

Zoo’s can activate discrete mobile content experiences according to different exhibit contexts (e.g. time, location, activity, weather, low animal visibility) and target different guest motivations (entertainment, exploration, education, guiding others etc.). They can then track performance to gain insights into content popularity based on these attributes. For example:

  • Welcome greetings and orientation
  • Tips for observation now and today
  • Current behavior and patterns
  • Upcoming enrichment activities
  • Sponsored activities and content
  • Games, treasure hunts, and contests
  • Guest motivation-targeted content
  • Exit surveys upon leaving an area

Zoos can offer different types of interpretation perspectives for exhibits, and track the performance of each perspective to measure and improve audience reach and to refine methods of engagement. For example:

  • Exhibit features
  • Visitor types
  • Animal themes
  • Educator goals
  • Keeper views
  • Veterinarian care
  • Curator plans and director views
  • Local resident views
  • Marketing messages
  • Sponsor messages

As guests interact with location-based content throughout the zoo, the zoo can develop insights into both the physical journey patterns and the psychological journey patterns of their guests.

Zoos can create highly-shareable mobile content experiences linked to specific zoo activities, events, and experiences. When shared in social media by guests, zoos can gain insights into the topics and content that guests are valuing most, while expanding the potential reach of an exhibit’s educational, marketing, and entertainment programming.

Periodic spot surveys can be very useful, but often provide qualified results that are limited to the specific conditions when the surveys took place, reducing the value of the results over time.

The Smarter ZooSM mobile platform can help cost-effectively capture a broad distribution of visitor sentiment at more regular intervals about many aspects of the zoo’s guest experience.

When provided at the right time and in the right context, brief mobile surveys can be a fun and rewarding feature of the zoo, especially when presented with relevant coupon offers that are actionable for a guest’s given location and timing.

Zoos today have a unique opportunity to leverage the mobile social media channel in a powerful way.

By providing encapsulated mobile experiences that enhance guest visits, and that are easily shareable across social media, zoos can empower their guests to become digital-marketing zoo ambassadors.

While this guest communications channel can be used to increase attendance and to market zoo events, it can also be used to increase public exposure of the zoo’s educational programs, to raise conservation awareness, to assist in fund raising, and to attract corporate sponsorships.

CueContext’s Smarter ZooSM mobile platform can enable a zoo to deliver compelling and highly shareable mobile experiences to guests in a wide range of very specific and popular zoo contexts. These might include:

The value of the solution for generating and collecting guest feedback can be measured by: