For many people a zoo membership starts as an economic decision. However, members are a key source of support for any zoo beyond their membership fee, and the Smarter ZooSM mobile platform can help zoos advance key membership objectives, including:

Zoos can create a more personal guest experience, especially for frequent member visitors, with broader and more in-depth engagement, including:

The mobile channel can become an important means for relaying information and mobile experiences that reinforce the value of membership and the impact of member support. For example:

The CueContext solution can help zoos expand the definition of their “member experience,” not only at the zoo, but beyond its borders. Mobile engagement can happen anywhere, anytime, and connect members to community outreach programs, school programs, conservation projects, or even cross-promotional marketing offers with area businesses.

A more digitally interactive zoo can help today’s guests become more connected to their zoo – as a resource not just as a destination. Zoos can leverage the mobile channel to engage visitors, members and supports wherever they may be – at the zoo, in their communities, at partner organizations, or in regions of the world where the zoo has programs and interests.

The value of a self-reinforcing social media community that zoos can foster around the social sharing features of the platform could be substantial. For example, by enabling guests to discover easily sharable digital content experiences related to their unique zoo visits, a zoo can greatly expand the impact of a guest’s visit and the potential reach of the zoo’s messaging. This can facilitate public awareness, fundraising, sponsorship and corporate social responsibility programs that support conservation initiatives.

Zoos can provide shareable, interactive content related to any number of experiences and topics, and can use analytics to determine which are the most popular and effective at the zoo and in social media. These might include:

The value of the solution in support of membership campaigns can be measured in many ways, including: